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Will you help Welead OC PAC recruit and train more Progressive Women Democrats?

Welead OC PAC is for Progressive Women Democrats, by Progressive Women Democrats. We are Moms, Diverse, Run People-Powered Campaigns, are LGBTQA+, Mentors, First-Time Candidates and Flip Red Districts.

Welead OC PAC recruits and develops the leadership skills of Women Democrats to run for local offices with a focus on Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities.

Since its founding, Welead OC PAC has trained Orange County candidates, activists and campaign  professionals, helping to elect Progressive Women Democrats and Women of Color to city councils and school boards.


While it is true Democratic voter registration in our County is greater than the GOP's, the majority of our 34 city councils are controlled by Republicans, as are our school boards, Board of Education and Board of Supervisors. And all lack fair representation of women including 2 city councils that include men only.


For there to be real change to our local government, we must engage Democratic voters well before election day each cycle. Recruiting and training the right women for the right seat will go a long way to ensuring a Blue Orange County!

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