George Casey for San Jose City Council

Join George Casey in Uniting San José for a Brighter Future!

George Casey knows – a better future for San José starts with creating a better city government right now. That’s why he’s uniting everyone in District 10 – and beyond – who agrees we need to do a better job of making San José safer, cleaning up the blight, graffiti and trash that mars our city, putting housing where it makes sense not where it makes for more traffic gridlock, and making sure our homeless neighbors are indoors.

George grew up in our district. He is an alumni of Santa Teresa Elementary, Bernal Intermediate, Bellarmine, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara Law and San José State. In addition to his work as a lawyer, George serves the people of San José as a Planning Commissioner – where he is fighting for sensible decisions that create the new housing we need without destroying the character of our beautiful neighborhoods. 

George is raising his family in this district – and like so many of us – knows we need to fight harder to make San José work better for us. We send our tax dollars to City Hall. We deserve a City Government that is listening to us – responding to our needs – and making the change we need to create a brighter future.

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To contribute by mail, please send a check made out to “George Casey for Change–San José City Council 2024” to:

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